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Oberlian's Dainty

Bagrationi kinship has been delivering from one generation to the other Georgian hand-made Christmas, Easter Orbeliani dainty, which contributes to health improvement and makes eaters’ life longer.

Mariam Jambakur-Orbeliani was daughter of a famous romantic poet Vakhtang Orbeliani, junior son of Tekla Batonishvili, Erekle king’s daughter. She and her cook Pelagia who graduated Biarritz Culinary Academy, owned this dainty cooking family secret.

Orbeliani dainty is generally available sweets of the best quality, having the sophisticated taste and special aroma; it was considered the prime Georgian dessert after cumela and sugar candy.

Its recipe is poetry, it should be cooked under the rising sun and on ivory color marble only. There was a time when it was available for nobles only, nowadays Orbeliani dainty is available for everyone.